Daily Archives: April 2, 2012

A Baby Shower for Nicolas.

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JOANA & CESAR are blessed: by their love for one another, a bounty of true friends, and the imminent arrival of their first child, a boy to be called Nicolas.

One gloriously sunny and cool April afternoon at the Mission (http://welcometothemission.net/) friends host a gathering to celebrate.

One day, God willing, they will be able to sit down with the boy, growing up all too fast, all eyes and ears, and share with him this picture. “This is how very happy we all were, that you were coming.”

“That weekend a major rainstorm swept into Miami from off the Ocean, but see how sunny it was for your party? It was as if the blue skies arrived to join in the celebration, and even the Sun smiled down from above..

“You could just feel it in the air,” they might say. “Something special was on its way.”

“Of course,” they’ll continue, pausing to tickle him until he begs them to stop, laughing, with tears in hi eyes, as he loves. “There was no way we could have even imagined how especially wonderful a boy was really coming. Yet we all knew that you were going to be something special.”

Everybody felt it.”

And he will smile, feeling the love embracing and surrounding.  He will know that Love had called him forth, preceded his arrival, and awaited with pleasure and full joy the coming of that hour.

                                                                                   For Nicolas  May 4, 2012