andLocation, Part 2: “The Lay of the Land”


When things were simpler. “Road to Cocoanut Grove,” ca. turn of the century.

Miami is a sprawling city, and can be an awfully confusing place.

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Starting to break it down just a bit, it’s helpful to understand that throughout its (relatively) brief history, the metropolis has evolved as an interconnected patchwork of neighborhoods. Here is a current “working” map of Miami’s neighborhoods, published by the City:

As explored above, the real beauty of our location is that we are only about 5 to 15 minutes from Coconut Grove, Coral Gables, downtown Miami, Key Biscayne, and Miami Beach, allowing a full experience of those generally congested and often noisy places before retreating to your own private oasis. Of the established and generally recognized neighborhoods mentioned, we are closest to the Grove. Here is a close-up of the map immediately above, with the “smiley face” marking our location:

And another angle on the same map, courtesy of our friend Google:

locationhas served us, and our guests, well. We have had the privilege of hosting satisfied guests drawn to Miami by events or happenings in various parts of the city. For example, to Coconut Grove, for its epic annual Arts Festival, or to participate in one of the annual regattas based there, on the bayfront only 1 1/2 miles away; to the Coral Gables area, for events relating to the University of Miami, and to various other parts of the city for weddings, medical procedures, or just general sightseeing.

Wherever your plans might take you in the Miami area, please give the Mission your consideration. You are likely to find our location a sweet surprise. In this traffic-jammed, road rage rampant city, “getting there” can be more than half of the battle, and much less of the fun!

Travel safe, Godspeed, and enjoy!
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