A Beautiful Winter Afternoon, Impression.


Tuesday afternoon.  Florida’s brief winter days are a quiet glory.

IF I know of a single blessing, it is surely the Earth’s ancient, fragile and sustaining beauty.  All we need do is to seek it out and pay attention, and we are welcomed without condition to its great and good table.

Where al fresco remains fresh, daily.

HAVE you ever seen a jade vine plant in bloom? You might not believe your eyes.

But there it is!

Jade Vine (native to the Phillipines) in annual bloom, today.

AGAINST that promising backdrop of golden sunshine and blue sky, let’s throw in to the mix a one-of-a-kind, fanciful old Spanish house, just for good measure.  It’s awfully nice to have a comfortable place to lay one’s head down, to dream.  And to wake up in, to dream.

THEN, just because we can, let’s further fold in a little of Alan’s magic.  Wait. There’s a horse… up there!

Well, of course there is. 

Horses should fly, or at least so Humankind has dreamt for thousands of years.  Until such time as those fine creatures can take wing, brightening the day with their whimsy and illuminating gently the night, Alan has created this… vision.

WELCOME to the Mission.  We have dreamed for some time of your arrival here.  We have dreamed that you will come, for all kinds of reasons and from all over the world.  And you have.

Thank God, you have!

Thank you.

Alan chatting with our boy, Hoppers.


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